Start of the project Flying Falafel

Stereotypes are real and they happen everyday, they are deeply engraved in our minds. We label people and put them in boxes because of their origin, the way they look or speek. A reason for that is often lying in the fear of the unknown and a lack of interaction between people from different cultural backgrounds. With the universal language of sharing a meal, we want to create events with and for people who want to learn more about other cultures, share theirs and unite to learn from each other. For building bridges and destructing existing walls because we truly believe food unites all of us, across the table and around the globe. With this way of thinking, we started the social project Flying Falafel during our Masters programm at the CAU Kiel. We (Alejandra, Carolina, Osama, Nina and Jenny) are working since on realizing the project mainly in the intercultural part of Kiel, Gaarden. Thanks to our supporters we are planning to set the first event on the 18th of May this year. If you are interested in supporting us, share your culture with others or learn more about other peoples life, feel free to contact us at any time and take part in our upcoming event.  Let’s cook together, make music together, dance together and get to know interesting and inspiring people who live side by side in Kiel. 
 OUR GOAL: To fight exclusion and discrimination against people with a migrant background in the city of Kiel through private home-cooking events. 
 OVERVIEW: An inclusive, cultural-exchange cooking recurring event with a subsequent street gathering for all participants. Aiming to fight stereotypes, cultural exclusion and discrimination.